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fluids, and to explain the generation of the electric currents which ac-

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discussion on each of these topics, and to prepare a paper in

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lowed abortion had substantially the same treatment and the

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specially for the purpose. Half of this number are already so

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have been recorded. The position of the surgeon is far from

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most constant supervision, riding both with and against

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hereditary, and then there is said to be the haemorrhagic diathesis.

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dentures consistent with the escalation of dental damage. Additional

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*This may be prevented by adding a small drop of caprylic alcohol.

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sub -section of Proctology, as published in the Trans-

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puncture w^as omitted and surgical interference resorted to at once. After the

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ing how to conserve the health of their pupils and how to teach

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dtrs accouch. pag. 187. y OruJenell Exton, feci. 8. pag. 127.

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may account for the non-contagion; for, in the human subject,

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8. As charcoal braziers are supplied to the men in cold

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especially such as occur to workmen during the course of their occupa-

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family house of Sandlebridge, between Knutsford and

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rolling it. In fact, this whole matter of spitting has

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fore the majority of the citizens do not know who occupies

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12. Early complications in head injuries: (a) Brain

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volume has neither table of contents nor index, but the title suffi-

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DoBiE, David Robertson, Acute Yellow Atrophy of the Liver . . 532

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they convert thofe particles of our bodies to their

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whom there has been no affection of the middle ear. The otologists hold out

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the peritoneum could not be properly judged, but it is fair to

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three months (Nocard and Motas). As recovery progresses the

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Microscopic. — Both sections consist of a small piece of horny skin

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only one lung left, but he had never, except in one