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while (and I am glad the medical profession has already been
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Sept 23 Cancer Conference - 1 1 :00 AM; Avera St Luke’s Midland Regional Medical Center, Aberdeen; Info: Dr. Roy Burt,
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The origins of the supinator longus and extensor muscles of the wrist were
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she lay on the left side. She had been ill four years, but had
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irritative or sudden destructive lesions of the area in question.
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Dr. Morton, the King's College single-flash coil appears to have a period quite
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m fklse ribs of the left side of the chest. Its up])er border is accurately
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geon should always have at hand a stylet by means of which the tube can
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eral practice to operate early in all well-marked cases.
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not to greater filling, but merely to increased systolic pressure. The
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patient must have taken the drug for a long time before she could
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that they can read better without than with convexes.
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bauched, coarse, and lazy." He utihzed the hypnotic sleep
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9 to 1-1 grams per diem. On the 19th the acid-beef infusion was
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with an altered nasal resonance. Obstruction in the naso-pharynx destroys
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was the Presidency of the Roj^al Society, to which he was elevated in
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writer. Passing by the various views that have been presented
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relief of laryngitis, bronchitis, and catarrhal pneumonia. For
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theria ward of the Boston City Hospital, the Loeffler bacillus in 217
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sold at a reduced price ; so that American books are now as completely at the
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essentially from the older apparatus where the support was
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seulement voir que les conditions necessaires pour qu'elle ait
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A scrutiny of the section referring to the "four term course"
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more common than gonorrhea, 1 2 which is often considered
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on the left side of the neck which was thought to be mnmps.
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found in all as an early symptom. M. Holland has made a study of
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England, especially to London, for the worst examples among us ; but
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it hto existed for mlEiny prior generation^ it is called ^attmlative heredity %
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Jahrb. f. Kinderh., Ltipz.. 1899, n. F., 1, 321-330.— Mya (G.)
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to the more or less perfect application, the time required to relieve the pain,
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A Danger of Argyrol. — Sfekqles, Hildesheim, {Zeitschrift fuer Aug.
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salicylic acid the frequency of the heats is always reduced.
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inhabitants, as compared with 17.4 in 1846, before the
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heart, it is the narrow places, the outlets, which are most often dis-
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work again, and continued to work as a truck horse for four
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should be checked ; over-eating, and especially over-diinldng, late and
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claims electronically. These providers will be individually recognized for their commitment to
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of mortality of the operations in general. The utmost fair-
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than others, even without obvious cause. The duration of uncom-
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to find how great a degree of certainty now attends diagnosis of the several forms