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He was popularly believed " to have naturally a genius for the

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drops of urine. A few drops of urine will be retained

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of the posterior talus joint and of ChoparCs joints; fibrous ankylosis of ankle-joint. Ulcera-

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3-4 centimetres in length. The walls of this tube are united at

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On reaching the order of business, "The Consideration of Eleports," the reports previously

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days after death, and twenty-six after interment) the body was re-examined

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place, or when the blood, sinews and flesh are produced

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Table 1. — Histologic types, obstructed sites, and stages

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expert in determining the condition of heart and lung.

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By Arthur MacDonald, Specialist in +he Bureau of Education

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rabies. A similar phenomenon was observed by Wasser-

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sapra-renal bodies, as in other organs, and by their increase in number

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The fear of a fistula being dismissed, there is really

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hand, gastrostomy is often fruitful of brilliant results. Galvanism has beoi

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Alexander B. Mott ; few had more sterling qualities or manly virtues ;

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came round, on June i8th; besides, he had read all available accounts of the battle

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• Final approval refers to the time when the recruit joins his

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lesions found are the cUrect result of toxic products and not due to

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