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intermittent, which, as soon as yellow fever became prevalent, ran
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The following agents, introduced intravenously, encreased se-
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compres"sed°"'Tho T''\'' 'T° """^ "'''■'•''^' -""^ laterally
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especially in front. The cancellated part did not appear much
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and feels pungently hot, and that in ' maUgnant cases ' petechie often
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be applied to the lower part of the body, or he may be cupped
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establish a thorough protection against the spread of
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the children follows that of the father more than that of the
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glass spools by the gross, of J. Elwood Surgical Co. I then
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The nominations of the President for the Committee on
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acteristics of the fluid contents were not those of fibro-
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it reaches the stomach in most cases. The curious habit known as
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relatives. In early stages of tuberculous joint dis-
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responded to enemata readily, there being nothing abnormal in
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These four cases, as examples of malignant adenoma of
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Case of Cartilaginous Tumor of the Ribs. (Dr. C. E. Isaacs.) Ill
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yafuna iamanye. YasuKa iapho yatsi enyonini, "Nyoni yami wo'ntja'."
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potassa and one pound of the nitrate of potassa, the period of remaining
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disease. Much is now talked as to our physical deterioration, and
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tonia returned. She again went into service, and in four months the symptoms
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ing repeatedly seen it appearing in three successive generations.
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chronic pharyngitis from that dependent on syphilis. The latter is to be
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2. Egdahl: Johns Hopkins Hosp. Bull., 1907, No. 193,