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may be considered as merely incidental, since the stapes
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also fenugreek, alum, of each, p. i. of beef suet, p. ii. s.
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ing it swelled up and was of a very dark purple color.
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with success, if the neuralgia were functional. This method may be resorted
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Therapeutic Value ov the Mixed Toxins or the Streptococcus op Erysipelas
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diseases are governed, is consumption contagious, or did it
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Woodward' s Intra-Uterine Treatment of Diseases of Women 2.50
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same time, in full possession of her intellectual powers, and
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first degree or stage of the disease. Sometimes the fiatient was placed in the
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abscess which had not ruptured was found in front of the spinal
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duces fiiction, and so causes evolution of heat and pain.
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could I)e accomplished eithcir at ankle, knee, or hip,
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on account of the presence in their substance of parasites, and an
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General Lying-in Hospital, York Road, Lambeth, S.E.
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cavity, and finally closure of the upper opening by tying deep
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and cedema. Allot the reflexes were absent. The author
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as a rule, in cases of hard cataract. Perhaps a very prosperous season has
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majority of the very considerable number of surgeons who
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(Cloetta) may be given either hypodermatically or intravenously in
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navy, was sent to Philadelphia recently with a crew of
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arrived at had been that it was thyreoid, solid, and cystic, situ-
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