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256.— Babes (V.) & Robin (G.) Raport adresat direc-

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Dr James Jloir, Dr George Kerr, Dr Robert Harvey, Dr Colin Allan, Dr Ninian

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selves of the opportunities afforded to them of acquiring a knowledge of the

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laceration, contusion, and often sepsis, that are pos-

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unable to stand alone ; in this case there wcie several remissions, each

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magistrate, who endorsed on it permission to practise,

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Treatment Center Orthopaedic Hospital at Los Angeles Hilton.

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16.64 gr., the liver 1.98 gr., the kidneys .39 gr., and the brain

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the mouth; such as wine, in which pomegranate bark has been boiled, or, in

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mens from a case of crytbrasma. Tr. Patli. Soe. Loncl.,

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inch shorter than its fellow, and equal in muscular develop-

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replaced by fat, thus causing a degeneration of the muscular

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us long ago, let us not cease to work and plead for those rights

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their whole lengthy by the destruction of which alone it occurs

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portion measures 19 inches and the left 22 inches in circumference.

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-phyta) will be considered under the parts of the body affected.

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The source of fetor may, even in the absence of discharge, be readily

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a bold declaration, but it is nevertheless true — and yet he is the only

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October, 1873, p. 151. Of a young spaniel that had lost its mother

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(1880^82), 1883, viii, 141 - 149. — Bcbove. Tiaitement

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pregnation the fcetus differs only in degree, but not

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us long ago, let us not cease to work and plead for those rights

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in all cases. Either extreme, is unsound. We may not disre-

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we imagine, even if the size and situation of the stom-

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to get smaller as time went on — a change very e-rident in the

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Medical journals, both at home and abroad, to the danger to

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final stage towards which the others tend. It is usually preceded by local

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tendency to increase of water, urea, and chloride of sodium.

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modifications of this rule. An increase of oedema or of anemia gener-

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submaxillary, and parotid glands there were submucous nodules on the

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concerned. In quite a large per cent, of the cases, only a slight show of

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brought about as soon as possible by the adoption of the Canada

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