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public health, have afforded their co-operation." (P. 27.)

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before.'' He thinks that chloroform has the power of hold-

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the best treatment. Small ones in children may disap-

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sudden, but confined within moderate limits ; these variations greater

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urged that the beautiful vascular structure of the posterior parts

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set in. The ulcers were then rather callous, improving very slowly and

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and those originating by scrofula or syphilis. So also, we may be called upon

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trustworthy, they would indeed demonstrate remarkable varia-

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Wens. — ^A wen is a cyst or sacculated sebaceous gland.

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etystalline, the watery or watered^ and the smoked,

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with sanious or humid caries. The first part of this maxim never to plug an

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the gut. He remained in this situation with an occasional aggravation of

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lence in them until 1865. Our knowledge however of epidemiological phenomens

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of diarrhoea treated throughout Ireland during the last epidemic

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" 6. Durinff contraction the ventricles become pale, their surface is folded and

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same form of disease is occasionally met with in cases of old

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of mait in about equal parts, taken an hour or two after

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rynx. The isthmus of the fauces is elongated and slightly retracted.

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warm. In youth we were warned, beseeched, and threat-

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severe inflammatory fever. The predisposing causes of inflammatory fever

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that the sympathetic inflammation commenced in the retma. Mac-

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during life, which previously could be but roughly guessed at,

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gressive kind, is very interesting, and wholly different from its

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of injection. In the most advanced stages of this disease the effused matter

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saw him. He breathed quick, and the skin had a red hue as if from

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oblique muscles act intersects the visual axis at a right angle — in man the in-

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are curable or not, whether connected with permanent adhesions, or productive

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fevers, dysenteries, plagues, and malignant maladies, are generated.

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hemiopia is constantly due to cerebral disease, and is curiously

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stances described, must not be received as any positive indica-

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towards the rectum, or inwards towards the prostatic portion of

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were observed in died, and that the alteration was a progressive one, and passed

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trite but true to say that we eat too much, even when we

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however, unlike Dr. Stiebel, denies that all cases of chorea are de-

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ihe middle portion of the cerebellum (on this point I was particularly anxious,

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tis, laryngitis, and simple sore throat — ^prominently the

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expelled by an efiort. Over and beyond all this it is

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ating frequency in man, while the single occurs only exceptionally.

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upper end of the small intestine, in which localities they grow