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Salivary Glands. — These are intrathoracic structures Ijdng close
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Three forms of scab are described, viz., the sarcoptic, derinato-
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active, as the sebaceous matter present in the enlarged acini is healthy.
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relieved the languor and depression felt in the intervals of the
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was no perceptible difference in the femorals on either side.
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any other affection ; and even at the present time, to the majority of
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Pain in the affected joints is more constant than swelling ; and
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translation of this very interesting paper whenever we can find space
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the bitches. This opinion of Coleman is still believed in, more
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practice. The fact of the tongue being for .a time cleaner after the
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considerable period in the course of military exercises.
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does not derive its origin from decomposed vegetable mat-
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brane, was readily carried along toward the stomach. The work done
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varies from 0.2 to 0.5 gm. per liter. The normal urea index varies
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farther down. The varicose vein was greatly dilated and sinuous
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whose powder does not contain alum (quite harmle&s
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the noise is produced by the rising of the air-bubbles. On account of its acoustic
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the form of typhoid fever or some other zymotic disease, can convince
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pectoration. Never had acute rheumatic fever. For the past eight
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The cases where there were large adhesions and disfigure-
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property aids in inhibiting the local bacterial activity. As to
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and also "to the general practice of carrying the scrotum upon the left side,
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condition among the Japanese, that the furred tongue with
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perfectly her laws seemed to be understood in very many of her
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but it seems to me that the number is remarkably small to have oc-
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A dry soil appears to favor it, and it would seem tliat the con-
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''This is great uonsense you are going on with, because I have been
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death-rate which had characterized the period generally. In 1901 the
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the circulation through it ; or perhaps the walls of the neighbouring
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W'e realize that a retention cannot be thus.determined. Conceding that
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