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instances even precocious, taking notice unusually early ; on the other
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Diseases. Miscellaneous Topics. Edited by W. L. Baum,
promethazine htdrochloride 25mg
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50 One Hundred and Twenty-hve Consecutive "Abdominal Opera-
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all respect, our Southern medical editor. The true phy-
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case in the Woman's Medical College in which he had been
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ruined; we are beggars now; I can't go to business, I can't exert myself."
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medical school after only three years of college. The ages ranged from twenty
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cardiac or pulmonary origin, wliile local pressure on vessels
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ject, and at some military posts useful work has been
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Academy of Sciences, at Paris, in 1S50, and his ideas
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genbuch's) incision, and was readily accomplished, as
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However, I recommended that the abdomen be opened and the con-
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vomitini^, followed l)y intense pains, which kept him
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charge are of some years' standing, and not a few of the patients arrive so far
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at Stoke Rivers and that of 1905 in East Herts, occurred in country districts ;
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short curriculum, but there was a considerable num-
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tageously loaned to aid the diseased in going to a proper
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Iron, bitter tonics, and the bromides are indicati<l.
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or more reverently than he to the memory of the late
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hold «>f the ship, awaitinj; the proper surronndiii'^s (if
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began to complain of severe pain and swelling in the
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I iv ; ol. phosphoratum, 3 ss. M. Sig. : 3 j, three times a
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vantage is, that condensed milk is preserved with the
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The pathology of delirium tremens is as well understood as that of any
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would certuinl}^ be greatly puzzled as to the mode of accomplishing
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that in the first instance general medical and simple local treatment
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est and most vigorous. The name "trench foot" is as
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Therapeutic Uses of the Roentgen-Ray in Dermatology." On motion,
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metastatic (as I am in the habit of caUing them) infective
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Case 10 is of particular interest, and I give here a
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lishment of the Virginia Birth-Related Neurological
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At an early stage of the lesion the newly formed tissue shows little
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can safely be commended, not only as elucidatory of the plates, but as expounding the scien-
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dressing room, provided with lockers, toilet, deep sink and
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We doubt not that the work is of great value to the author's
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meningitis, or abscess. It is by such a mechanism, no doubt, that old-
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attention to the well-known fact that all druggists in
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drink paroxysms at times, but in the intervals they are
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DvtR, T., M.D. St. And., at Forest-hUl, on February 14, aged 57.
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1 893- Srirgical Diseases of tJie Antrinn of Highmore. 21 1
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fact, affords a valuable indication as to the degree of intra-
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from the lesions or secretions of a person similarly diseased ;
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morphology of Entameba histolytica and Entameba coli
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specimen, 10 c.c. of 95 per cent, alcohol added to prevent
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Q. What per cent has the dilute acid of the U.S. P.
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to the inner sur/ace of a pillow-case, which is to be fastened about
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