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In such a case, it is better to wait till the perspiration ceases.

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Yet it cannot be denied that it is usually the estivo-autumnal fevers

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able number of women committed to prison for other offences,

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death was accidental or not. Death by lightning is certainly not a natural

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and the chromidrosis may be accompanied by pigmentation of other

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The Health of Adolescent Women in the 1980s, Iris F. Litt . . . (Dec) 696

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acceptance and study the even then novel theory and

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have anti-HTLV-I antibodies but are asymptomatic. The di-

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and their relation to the pathological changes. Perhaps one of the most

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Dr. Louis Frank : I have searched hurriedly what little literature I

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ton (T. G.) Abdominal section for perforated typhoid

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All we do know is the ultimate fact that there is a

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elucidation of a physical basis upon which it rests.

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Popular Effervescing and other Preparations, which are largely used.

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a simple atrophy, with or without fatty infiltration.

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37. Zinner MJ, Zuidema GD, Smith PL, Mignosa M: The pre-

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bladder, which as a rule slightly elevates the fundus, now