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of moderately a(l\ anted tuberculosis, or in early cases in wlii;h the
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When the recurrences follow in close succession, they usually appear
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short, and roads are magnificent ; such, at least, are the general
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gummosa. The former is much the more common, and localises itself by
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result. Either the force of morbid action, henceforth destined to de-
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uterine contractions, by softening and dilating the
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late Professor B. S. Barton, it was regarded as almost a speci-
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so bright in ringworm, and finally microscopical examination of scrap-
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error, like that of our opponents. We therefore strive to
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short time, and then disappeared, and the dissection slicwed
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of the leg. A lacerated and gaping wound extends from the tubercle of the
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While Dr. Maine may have had sufficient practical ex-
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as well as the following cases have been confirmed by pathological
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The variations of merulation also serve to distinguish the individual varieties.
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References.--'" Therap. Monats.," Dec. 1896, and "Brit. Med.
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poisoning. He states that he thus transmitted the poison through a series of
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in of the newly- built three-storied house above them. Only one of
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por, and convulsions ensue. It not unfrequently happens, particularly
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You are just a phone call away from an appointment with a friend of the OSMA
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may be inserted, and retained in situ for some days witlumt inefmrenienee.
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rapidly, and the patient left the Infirmary on 1st December. From
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It was thus possible to arrive by exclusion at the diagnosis
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brain, there is a possibility of recovery ; but if the disease become
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from the patient, and without subsequent nausea and
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of the mucous membrane is sometimes peculiarly firm and tough ; at other
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an adult, receiving only seven cubic centimetres of the
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ening, and workmen often drank as much as three pints a
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considered free of the contagion of diphtheria until this
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tion, anaemia, ursemic effects (headache, dizziness of sight, con-
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sidered as suggested by the sensations, appreciated by the hearing, or as the result of
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obtainable only by the quantitative method ^ which has contributed
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only is intact (fourth pair), the slight movement in a downward and out-