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up to the present time. From 1888 to 1902 Dr. Cutler was physician-
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school in Texas, but when about to start from Mississippi
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Thomas Perforator" and "Ayers's Ligature Tightener"
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Many people have an idea that small-pox is essentially a sum-
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After having received his degree as Doctor of Medicine, Dr. Dun-
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eating, and rapidly regained his health. The food should be
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After several incidental matters had been disposed of, the
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itches, or why another smarts. In the case of the nervous lesion,
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continued for another week, and a larger pessary used, to make
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come back of itself, as on the first occasion, he did not consult
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from Ihc medical department of the same institution.
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teen years he was a trustee of Cortland Academy ; and from 1876 was
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The patient was urged many times to have an operation per-
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" Points in Office Practice in the Treatment of the Dis-
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and so reputable, not to say distinguished, in practice, that the
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D. Morgan. At the commencement of the Civil War the same Gov-
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tirely separate disease. It is distinguished from chlorosis not merely by the
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valuable than that of some humbler experimenter, is of very
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The doctor has devised an operation for the cure of
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by pieces of clothing. Therefore we should always care-
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often find even small abrasions of the skin, paronychia, and similar lesions.
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and most satisfactory fulness. The free and familiar references
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according to reason to open a way for sub-laryngeal respiration.
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State Medical Society (president, 1864), and delegate in 1868 to
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medical organizations ; he is a member of the American Medical Asso-
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College of the City of New York, received the A.B. degree in 1854,
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negative insulation for static application, and instructing
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