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are given. The fever is rarely fatal in the Philippines.

pyridium pediatric dose

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call for the administration of bromides or other hypnotic.

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tain living spermatozoa. (< Cours de Microscopie,' p. 303.) For some remarks on

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as a tablet within a tablet to provide stability and to

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10.22. — Douche of Thiersch's solution used to cleanse the

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Liver. — Glauber's salt increases the secretion of bile

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Incision parallel to last rib. Exposure and fixation of kid-

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tute an additional and conjoint symptom of the disease.

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the autopsy an oblique fracture was found, the periosteum and

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tures of the base, where the antiseptic treatment cannot be placed in question,

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the right side was affected, if a large number of this class of cases were

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should, Mr. Brown thought, be silver, not iron, as re-

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to the tube." . . . He finally draws the following conclusions:

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become converted into a hyaline, swollen mass which encroaches u[)on the

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vigorous health, and complained of nothing save the an-

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Cbocker. — On January 4, at Stoke, Devonport, the vrife of Staff Surgeon-

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Etiology. — Cerebral syphilis is usually a late (tertiary) manifestation,

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found as a cause of endometritis the presence of o.xyuris

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