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ical staff and Dr. Saul Larks, professor of bio-med-

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cloth saturated with simple syrup ; it is then expressed, mixed with

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abscess, or necrosis, with subsequent absorption and removal of

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The latter, according to Robin, are produced consecutively to the peri-

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7. In certain cases of encephalic lesion, anaesthesia,

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sick are doing their best to add to the misery and loneliness of a

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and in advance of the average Colleges of Pharmacy in this country,

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from them. Hence, the use of the term " discrimination

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*Left to right: Task Force chairman J. D. Farrington, MD, Woodruff; Joseph

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threshold titers are used, the results could not be compared,

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Few people are aware of the personal inconvenience suf-

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fering from the effects of loss of the appendages is im-

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important and happy results, were we to grant similar tokens to

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nary bandage. The same splint can be used over and over

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As soon as it is determined what pigs are to be fed for market their

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very slight indeed ; — and that scarcely more than a twentieth of

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determines the presence of sugar. An excess of urea is shown by

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granted in S. O. 240, October 15, 1889, from this office, is

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sensibility of the pylorus, which then admits it in an imper-

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says he feels " fine," " splendid," or " deliciously," after

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second, the fact, which was so common that the com-

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teen cases of multiple sclerosis. During this period

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gle ; for the mind, we are told, usually remains clear and unimpaired.

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Whilst the cells of an epithelioma, therefore, differ in a

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dead of cachexia and 2 have local recurrence, 5 have dis-

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Peter Pena, a Frenchman, who was at one time physician to Tiouis X 11 1.

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dition. Then I found a skull in the Anatomical Museum

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right eye was so badly engorged that it seemed bulging from the orbit;

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saturated solution of ammonium sulphate, but, like all other albumins,

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sumption as working-women of the same class in other occupations.

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necessarily must be, mere guesses at the truth. In the present

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should be as soon as possible after a monthly period, in having

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in the anterior wall of the central sulci on the external surface of the

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reward for the fliers, although the French Army idolizes its flying

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complain of the lumbago. I administered one dr.achm of

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all schemes for improvements and developments were held up for want

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had not been for the free use of normal salt solution

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course, and destroys the susceptibility of the affected animal to

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Dr. Jos. Chase spoke of the comfort the abdominal bandage

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