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ness of breath on exertion. At that time he looked pale but

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of methyldopa in six female hypertensive patients who had

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dence, and later in the winter Mr. D. D. Jackson of New York

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Medical Center, 450 Clarkson Avenue, Brooklyn, 11203.

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Although available evidence suggests a temporal association of these reactions

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Possibly this explains the development of tetanus in some cases operated

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morphin hypodermically. They suddenly lost consciousness, and ceased

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herniae are the pouches of the ileocecal region, the duodenojejunal fossa

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reprinted yearly the papers written for various medical societies and medi-

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quire medical schools' participation in COTRANS. The

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the peptic digestion of egg albumin, the tryptic digestion of

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morocco, $8.00 net. W. B. Saunders Company, Philadelphia and New

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tained suspense and democratic background. These are factors

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In this connection, the work of D. W. B. Kurtz, Jr., who


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observationes in altere studios, e etiam le processo total del

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However, Cole has shown that pneumococci can be dissolved in solutions

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nium sulphate and cerebrospinal fluid. A case is said to give a positive

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an individual recovered because he has an excess of antitoxin

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of emotional factors, will arrive at the explanation for a

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Please show what type of financial agreement is acceptable: a) Straight salary?

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back to a phlebotomy witnessed years before ; analysis revealed the

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Council recommends that "manufacturers stamp the age of manufacture

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might be instituted and that if brought, Dr. Berlin

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for a chronic inflammatory process was followed by silver pigmentation.

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In his preface the author refers to the book as a monograph. The

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caused diuresis. This is explained by the diarrhea opening the

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based upon a systematic canvas of the hospitals or of medical

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hours. (3) Twenty-four hours after the oral administration of salvarsan

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officers : President, M. Stamm ; Secretary, Frank Moore, both of

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occasions, as a suicide attempt. This case, reported

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mically to 100 pounds of human body weight ever}^ eight to twelve hours

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paper in which he declared that the seat of the disease was in the

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which he did as one practiced in the craft. I was pleased to