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Functional Derangements of the Liver," in which he re-

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growths and granulations from the roof or outer wall of the middle meatus.

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gradually increased. During his illness he was treated with diuretic remedies,

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in many cases makes the life of the patient much more comfortable and

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These fibres commence at the diaphragm, and extend down as

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such a per cent., according to the amount of dilution. Thus,

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from the Clinical Society's statement. It appears then that the limits are

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saline water of the Hotwells Spring-, formerly of great repute in con-

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New York. In such cases, also, depletory transfusion

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Bowman. Od May 25th, at Sunderland, the wife of Henry 0. Bow-

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consequence of its intensity; since we find, in cases of this kind, tlie inflamma-

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The Smallpox Quarantine in Toronto has been raised, and

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Case 3. — R. B., net. 37. Note. — This case was seen in the