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I. GiKALD fes on Mucomb Cysts m the Antnmi of JSighmore.

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measure since motor recovery may suffer through it.

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With such facts before them it is not to be marvelled that

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test was made May. The data of this test are presented in Chart.

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nal for February tli this method of inflation The patient is

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tendance at an institution of this kind to have the number of

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motions of the bowels. The lymphatic glands swell in aU

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of these drugs the introduction of a long tube may give passage to

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the sputa are retained in the air passages they soon exhale a fetid

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by the President and invited to take part in the proceedings.

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riation of prevalence of illness among the men is much

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unfortunately unable to make sure of thoroughly disinfecting the air

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slight or severe enough to prevent any examination as to the condition of

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up and for a few hours the patient seemed to improve.

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which steadily climbs. High systolic and diastolic pressures may be

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size of a pin s head. The lungs were hypcr. emic and

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officer made welcome all delegates of the Pan American

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croscopic appearances he decided that the tumor pre

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of both hemispheres. The general appearance of the sections from

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Arthur Thomson. Illustrated In two volumes of the Humboldt

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a return to a normal temperature and apparent convalescence and

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but he omits to mention that this is not the grave af

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Diathetic Insanity comprises the madness from tuberculosis

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diabetic needs as many calories as a healthy person but that

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quency of the pulse and respiration when they are too

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world was given the first conclusive demonstration that enteric fever

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upon the pain and also upon vomiting is another criterion which is

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zero Cent. Fahr. He says that the eucalyptus when young

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eye is more or less permanently closed and constitutes

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letting the stream of water at the thigh fall somewhat

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to keep the brain properly supplied with arterial blood. The extreme example

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irregular pulse a dry brown tongue great prostration and slight con

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against the abdomen and the right one stretched back

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physicians of the county met at Iowa City and organized on

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entire surface of the lining of the bowel was very red or bright

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is the want of imiformity in the etiology and nature of these conditions.

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cal men by the presiding judge to sit on the bench with

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much improved in every respect the only vestige of this alarm

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rubber to show when it may be expected to have reached