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I.. ...... '.MS U-en ver\- jialnful from the same cause, although there was probably no great

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but, at the same time, continues in charge of the Regiment.

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Constituents. — Chiefly podophyllotoxin (C23H2409 + 2 H2O), stated

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The recent Ophtfuilmologicul d/ugrcss in Paris. 431

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principal constituent of so-called " sheep-dips " employed,

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fibi*os of the heart. The eold persj)iration, which is so frequent-

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Squill, Compound Syrup of. — D., m. 5-30 (cc. .3-2.).

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cyanosis, and the evil effects upon the circulation of the mitral in-

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with dry cotton : a band placed around the abdomen, to which a pe-

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stomach or bowels. Suddenly, from some change in the patient,

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< \;ictly one-third — no excitement observable; temperature before

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motion and secretions of the stomach and duodenum. In

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cartridge-box be supported by a shoulder-strap. This would entirely

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been, to be sure, a separate faculty over each of these schools, compos-

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Blood. — It has been taught that the potassium salts giv»

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sumption 191, pneumonia 54, disease of the heart 49, cholera infantum

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was up on the ninth day, one on the eleventh, two on the twelfth,

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sider .ble pain in tlio bowels. The tong-iie was furred, and there were

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same would probably apply to dogs. Recovery has ensued

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upon, Dec. 16th, by Dr. Gouley, by an anterior flap and posterior cir-

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'* On the 31st of December, 1S61, there were in the house 135 pa-

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years ago, and was in good health till five years ago, when this dis-

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result in coughing. Drugs may stop coughing by acting

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lt)9. Injury to joints, 69 and 136. Disease of heart, 66 and 90. J^heu-

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the removal of noxious matters than to any active interference. In

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In the onset of the epidemic, it was naturally taken to bo of mala-


ciliary muscle occurs as a consequence of lonfj-continucd debilitat-

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ri'scue the facts from entire loss. He thinks, however, tliat at the

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other a<j:cnt than distilled water — advantajrcs which any one con-

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often an important factor in the action of the preparation.