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cases, except those which had practically defervesced at the time of
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« Sajin's Annual of the Univ. Med. Sci.,1889, vol. v, A. 150; and Med. News, May 19, 1888.
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tracted pelvis, death of the foetus, albuminuria, and beginning septic infec-
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two weeks with no improvement and progressive loss of weight. The parents
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'' These regulations may be modified when the animals are des-
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under the ample but dark cloak of moral imbecility.
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As the mechanism of action of the botulinum toxin be-
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do not yield in a few hours to treatment, or are gradually getting worse,
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with here. The mortality was small compared with the number of cases,
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was strongly flexed, the tendo-Achilles relaxed, the tuberosity
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explained to be understood by all those who tajie an
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quote the passage in the Laws {vii, 792) which is in favor of
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cerebro-spinal that, without these, it would be impossible with certainty
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of scraps (the legs and pates of calf-skins is the best,) and
* See Brlttoh and Foreign Hedloo-Chlrargioel Bevlew, roL zz.
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that portion of the pleura covering the superficially located
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is by a process of budding, as seen in Fig. 8 in the accompa-
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wanting in this case, and that is retraction of the muscles
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existed from birth — of chief interest is the congenital absence of the
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arsenic, zinc, strychnia, belladonna, nitrate of silver, carbolic acid, and the
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to be well balanced with regard to the relative importance which they
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the experience of those cases suggests. First, a comparison of
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v/ith such other things as are necessary, and that may be
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the problem in hand. Brodie, with his cultivated mind
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syphilis. The association of ulceration and synechise upon the con-
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extemporaneous and more mechanical departments. The subtile aeri-
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OBSTETRICS — Intensive Course, two weeks, starting
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Rheumatic complications have been rare, and consequently endo- and
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another. The members of the Association belonging to the Edinburgh