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joint. Disability may be marked with definite limitation of motion. The

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physician concludes from his examination that such per

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secondary to cardiac conditions are described and there is an

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mologists of New Haven within a few months hoping that there will be

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centers are excited by a rise of temperature amounting

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what contagious disesmes exist. Such u visit is leaBant and

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they fall naturally into four classes. These classes mark four

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only practical training was in the dissecting room and an occasional

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sions are allowed to stand for one hour after preparation there is no

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fresh accession and an acute synovitis is clearly present.

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the Allegtaanj Oooa Medical Sooifllgr at Pittsburg Pa. Feb.

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In XS a surgeon while attempting to pass an instrument pushed

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pyosalpinx on the other while Dr. Henrotin performed a

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folded upon itself. Its capsule is wrinkled and of a dirty yellowish green

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rapid. All who saw the patient concurred in diagnosing great effusion

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alkaloids from nutrient material in which pathogenic

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fatal but the pressure or crushing that takes place of that

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and to gargle the throat with Condy s fluid a tea spoonful

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Dyspnea is marked especially on the slightest exertion. The

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filled partly with a lymphoid tissue containing giant

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who has had one child is highly nervous but has never

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the directions whicli I have laid down because after

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can not engage to publish an article in any specified issue any

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work as loss of blood weakened the circulation and a

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that their scattering of the graves not only is a menace to

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the Queen s regulations and arrangements specially made at that esta

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of doctrine and matters of practice. Reducing all his fractions

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size of a closed fist which appeared now and then outside of

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animals of greater constitution stamina and vigor. The fact that

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the cms. Without entering farther into this subject it will be

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stages of autolysis. It is probable that the increase in the rate of