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upon injection into mice formed capsules easily demonstrable by

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Case 6. — Female; age 22 years. Small build. Family history negative.

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natural defensive substances as needed ; and, then,

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that, in one large family, consisting of between fifteen and twenty


8 Gay, F. P., and Southard, E. E., J. Med. Research, 1908, tviii, 407.

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take absolute rest. Thus far only a few cases of kidney tuberculosis

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Boyer, from whom the above account is derived. Recovering from

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that all the changes described were established directly in the original

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ments in which the pancreatic perfusate was heated to boiling and cooled before

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were many areas of erosion. The transplant was 3 by 1.5 cm., and appeared

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Rheumatism, acute articular, differential diagnosis,

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Idiosyncrasy and Accumulative Effect. — A severe case is generally

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and the other from Dr. B. J. Hicks, of Vicksburg, Mississippi, de-

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Sulpharic Ether wneii inhaled into the lungs ; and stating that be

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or decrease of population, it is of primary importance to know the

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ten, or even twenty minutes may be required to produce the same

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who do it as a profession, ^^'e ought to discourage it.

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been able to ascertain, He has been absent from the city for six

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the ileum is more or less stained by its dark coloured contents; there

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Society, acknowledging the receipt of No. 3, Vol. II., of the Sum-

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The chief events of l:he fourth general session were

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of the deposits, and molecular changes enter as an element in the destruc-

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lninfvinj; tlie matter to the attention of the physicians.

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and dogs by giving them water from districts where goiter is prevalent

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Dr. McClellan thus lived to experience the proverbial misfor-

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Pennsylvania to provide by law for the registration of births, mar-

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cells, commonly occur within the organs; and (b) the shape of the

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body curve continued to rise independently of the globulins.

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of the (/ollege, except Nos. 23 and 24 of Sect. 6, be repealed.

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the efficacy of the first operation. This opinion very naturally ob-

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use is not wholly unattended with danger, especially^

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They were given intravenously from 1 to 3 cc. of a bouillon culture of virulent