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matter. Since hemorrhage has a predilection for the central parts of
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(par. 2) to vol. iv. (as to Birmingham) ; Qs. 37605 (par. 29), 37616-18,
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Antilytic Titer of Normal Serum. — The antilytic titer was tested of the inacti-
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you wish to avoid. One thing which I wish to allude to, in con-
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importance of having a psychiatric physicians on the Arkansas
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itself in small circumscribed spots over the surface, petechial, maculous.
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In the Journal of July 6, 1876, mention is made of a communica-
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and wants of absolate poverty, and an immunity from nox-
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potatoes, together with alkalies and other appropriate
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injlammation, and hence, the occurrence of encephalitis, as a com-
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growth. It presents a characteristic appearance, a ragged,
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cocaine gr. J injected; 5:10 p..m., sensation partially
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^e pulmonary cells are most numerous in the superior portion, whilst the
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pitality of the United States has been fully realized ;
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and well estabhshed rules of practice, wbi.h yield results
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curve in suspected cases of perforation great caution is necessary.
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two hours, and oil of eucalyptus (leaves), twq drops j
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Cicatrices sometimes, even apart from deeper changes, affect the
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hood was summoned ; a draught of castor-oil and turpentine
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have not seen advised by any one else is recommended
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ExPERiiiEXTS. Over two years ago, while cleaning out an
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the exact method; hence, the century is of great impor-
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cerned, but it secures a proper condition for instruction, and renders
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Yankauer-^'^ has also given attention to the condition of the
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H. Teacher, Professor Munro Kerr, Mr. James H. Nicoll, Dr.
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importance of preventing disasters, which are liable to
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Mr. Willett, Surgeon-Major Black, Mr. Prankerd, Dr.
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allowed to remain. Tlie stumii was cauterized with a saturated
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aqueous solution is sometimes utilized as an inhalation in
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success, may be set down as a charlatan, unworthy of confidence and
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of any other case in the series, and Dr. Addison informs us that it was not
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their darkness, but to put out our own eyes.'*— LociE«. By J. Togno, M.O., Un. Penn., ile»b«r U
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culation, or, during reaction, from consecutive fever,
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glass ; four ounces a teacup or gill, or quarter of a pint ; sixteen ounces,
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481; in Holland, 481; in Liverpool, 481, 507. 531,534,
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vessels running between the bone and the dura mater, from the sinus of tlie dura
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labour pain ; but yet they are most teazing to the patient. Very many
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cold, unless, indeed, the patient has undergone great &tigue, and conse-
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