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what was reduced? The tumor, pain, or intestines? We pause

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be certified to the Secretary of the Council within a reasonable time after such election

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factorily accounts for, and the patient has a sense of pulsation

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great power, and lengthens the lung, and, as air can only rush into

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ing an oxide of nitrogen. From the characteristic odor as

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Wechselmann: Ueber Satinholzdermatitis, eine Anaphylaxie der Haut,

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apparatus ; that they come on not only at the period of invasion of scarlet

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physical state of tlie colloidal material. He also found that poly-

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extent ; on the other hand, the albuminuria was markedly intermittent,

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in typhoid fever and in febrile tuberculosis, the pulse form resembles

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great majority of cases the first diagnosis is pleurisy. This is justified

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middle life, a moderate degree of them is almost constantly found, and

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up by the publisher, and it will undoubtedly have, as it de-

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any one who cares to take the trouble to set forth his own

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and lesions of the disease. It was found in the tissues

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In the Alimentary System pressure on the oesophagus may

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Science. — The annual meeting of this Association was

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which will be less than the arithmetical mean of the popu-

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effect. By the increase of the pulmonary function produced

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that the hypertrophy of the heart may follow on the renal lesion, and

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pelled to ask one's self, Is this possible ? But when the methods are

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fretehed n ward, , i t * ^ * Was held ~*e fore-legs remaining

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country, usually without giving credit, for the cure of diseases. One for use in

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attendant that the opportune moment for operation had

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of cholera. AVhat was the influence of small-pox, cholera,

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optic disc, which had taken on a characteristic pinkish grayish-black

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of warfare historically treated; the career of a distinguished soldier. It should not

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its site the germs of a different malady. Hutchinson

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the physical signs of the first stage of pneumonia, here is what

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down to us from patres anatomici^ who, apparently, were

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of fatty matter of a globular form, var3ing in size from that of a arnaU

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the symptoms and the pain in stone cases, but did not affect

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associate. New clinic building with adequate facilities,