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influence was unfortunate because many persons with severe malaria now refuse to
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calculus. Trousseau had, it was supposed, disposed of this notion, but
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chest or back ; but it may be multiple, and may be met \rith on any
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Pruritus. — .\lkaline baths; starch and linseed meal
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tion, and produce a change in the mode of nutrition, they appear very
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low median incision. Constancy with regard to the amount of
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vestigations show this to have an important influence.
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themselves within three weeks from the date of convalescence ;
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Since then several students have joined the class from other classes or schools
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septum, which blended with the ligament stretching from the
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graphs in the illustration of papers to be hereafter pub-
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1879 MouLLiN, Charles W. Mansell, G9, Wimpole Street, W. (C. 1888-
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refutation. If, however, we consider the distribution of the known
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muscular contraction, as, for instance, physical con-
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These indications can only be carried out for the best
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diseases peculiar to women. We think it would be more easily under-
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paying a personal visit to the home of the applicant
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twice since by my father with very satisfactory results, but it
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rosemary, angelica seed, origanum, red calamint, creeping thyme,
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is well established. The commonest and most obvious of these begin in
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extreme tenderness with rigidity of the muscles in the right hypo-
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ventilated mines and stables, especially cellar stables, glanders, once
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assertion. Tet, alas! tubercular disease is still with us,
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as fast as he made them. (See Fig. 9.) Such a method
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ures. If the operation of these powerful causes cannot be prevented,
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To decide the question whether, in electrizing the mucous metn-
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American Physiological Society has offered $250 for the
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portation of infecting germs to others, may it not be reason-
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that the hospital at Linz belongs to the order of the Sisters
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XII. Cases of Nymphomania. By Horatio R. Storer, M. D., one of the
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whole of the crater light and the light of the arc are thrown
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Official List of Changet of S(atio/i» and Duties of
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spii’it of hospitality, and there ai'e courtesies
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tions of numbness and tingling are less complained of after the first onset
has been formed for the study of questions relating to
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Refsolred. That the North Carolina Medical Society desires herewith to
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ing. She had suffered from general abdominal cramps