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bladder. It was large as a pea and roughly granular.

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and durability and resistance to the action of fluids r arid when properly

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functions. {Commentario Clinico di Pisa, Anno 1, No, 9, 1877.)

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cases of apoplexy are considered sufficient justification for

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Examination-in-chief. — The ordinary course of proceeding in a criminal

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torrhoea when no such disorder exists. The minds of these persons are usually

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pathological feature of the ovarian hyperemia already described. The

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to legislators buzzed and the public outcry grew while some

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Demarquay relates two cases in which this accident happened,

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reason why there should not be a large number of ap-

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The parts of the dura mater which are most commonly affected are those

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is a zymotic or fermentative disease, (6.) It does not depend

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through the upper lip, near the angle of the mouth, and

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life governorship. He was also an accomplished classical

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influence, a hypertrophied heart, while present writers

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country. It appears that it is just the very class of

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the gums, root of the tongue, and pharynx are often mentioned in the

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not have been suspected, yet the expectoration of pulmonary

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contours are also becoming major aids to immobilization and repositioning. Some typical

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1866 Dr. MacNaniara, one of the very best writers on

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below, and to^the ri?ht, than in Fig. 92, taken on the ninth day after admission.

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liowever, the variolous corpuscles grow and multiply, nouri.sh-

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You are not to suppose that all cases of purpura bear this