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8. Action of Chloral Hydrate. — The author of a prize essay, presented to
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near the crest of the ilium. There were no other intestinal wounds.
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causing au incalculable amount of pain, misery and suf-
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lence ; so that the general mortality may be but slightly
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give a decided negative. Besides the fever there are probably
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cularly to the right hemisphere ; but of late years, owing to the researches
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that Cobb had previously been in training tor one month on a New
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and considered that the results were more favorable
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1884 it was officially stated the annual loss in the Colony
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suria is very readily induced. We can not assume, therefore, as Gush-
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When the patient has improved so far as to be able to mix with
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locally and to a minor extent, but others in sufficient quantity to
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who had the privilege of hearing the prompt and decisive
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postmarketing use. Of these 177 cases, 38 (22%) were
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food mean a reduced death and morbidity rate. We share the responsi-
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orifices constitute what are known as the pores. They secrete a
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to this group of bacteria, a small quantity of bouillon (0.1 to 0.2 c. c.)
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Typhoid Fever. By J. T. Moore, M.D., M.C.P.S., Professor of Theory
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students see a large number of cases or, still worse, witness
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former, however, there will be found a backward displacement of the
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likewise that the amount of overshooting differs with different metals. The
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and regular, the sides, from the contraction of the sphincter,
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times, and had even attacked the opposite limb. The application
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comer of the room ; but he suddenly started, and, upon
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oesophagus balloon, it was found that swallowing of a
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ways as good as that of the day, especially during sunlight, but it is
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throat had ceased. I remained all night, giving at intervals of four
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