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covered with a clammy perspiration. Convulsions, epileptiform in char-
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confronted with the lack of symptoms distinctive of,
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include chronic catarrhal pneumonia or caseous phthisis,
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the spread of erysipelas. He did not think that idiopathic ery-
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with thirteen Los Angelenos and fourteen Califomians from other localities. These
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Ireland with regard to " clinical instruction," contained in
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differences in the physiology between the two classes,
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ing sometimes prevail, the countenance turns pale, and the skin is
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purulent, and perhaps bloody ; tympanites and sensitiveness upon pres-
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thetic affection of the brain, as in highly hypocoudriacal subjects, especially
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which were all rapidly fatal, evidences of acute inflam-
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will now pass on to the consideration of two groupings of
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Never omit, therefore, to listen to the pra^cordial region when-
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given to the superintendent. The number of visitors to the
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the mastoid had entirely disappeared. During the next four or
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be removed again by the application of a high degree of heat.
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"here is n<> question but what medicines have sometimes hindered
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little relief. For seven years she had used alcoholic
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of the fact. Nor do we see otitis more frequently under the treatment.
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catarrhs galore, and worse than Yankee nasality of speech unless
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It can therefore, he thinks, be easily shown that this
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2. The Relations of the Menstrual Function to Tertian Dis-
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individuals ; but high authority has taught us, " By their fruits ye
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my sense of gratitude. Whilst doing so let me add that I
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I’d like to illustrate what the closing of a single
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are already sufficiently in evidence. Would the public
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the other contracts, and draws the former with it, thus a vacuum is formed, into
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cal instruction forms an important part of the training of
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In the late stages of typhoid fever and pneumonia, after the excite-
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Mercier saw this complication arise in seven cases. It is
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convinced me that they were tetanic or edamptia It is nowhen
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intention tremor is typically observed in multiple sclerosis. It was
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Maryland J McP. Scott, Hagerstown Baltimore June 19
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" Case 8. — H. H., brother to Xo. 7, aged 3 years. Attacked
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by the aid of dry swabs, and then the flushing is carried
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causes of feminine insuflBciency in the matter .of health. A
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building without being deflected, it will be easy to determine the situation
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varieties, -orbid concht.ons ^n^^'^e Ueatnie^^^^ ^^.^^
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where the adenoid masses are, so as to be able to re-