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them away, and if exposed to the rays of the latter they die. Pools

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ciation Education and Research Foundation (AMA— ERF) for

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ployed mechanical force through the medium of apparatus.

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toms of pain f Up to the present time it was always

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vomited, and had two or three diarrhceal stools. This diarrhoea became profuse

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of the lungs, accompanied by constitutional disturbances of varying

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convolution. At this point it may be well to again call

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was passed under the care of a conscientious father, a pious mother, and

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or from conditions of the vein wall which lead to complete thrombosis, or

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ate of Syracuse University, College of Medicine, in

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so soft that I easily pushed my finger into its cavity, having first taken

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hoiiK' from Cuba, .September 7th, he was greatly run down, weighing

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of abdominal viscera were more or less fully dealt with.

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to a point on the surface of the skull, 2.5 to 3 cm. to the side of the so-called bregma,

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in a report to the State Department, dated September

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but these £ftots do not exclude the possibility of a morsql of food, which

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Bronchitis was common, but seemed to remain long in

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of February, and at the date of Dr. Brown's communication, March 2, was

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these cases to wait for the death of the child before

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lemons, and let them be well mixed, boil the whole for a few

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ably represented a powerfully favorable influence in

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statistical purposes, consists in securing the isolation of the sick person and

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or abnormal child, then the pregnancy is so near to disaster for both

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Having given in the preceding pages a summary of the authorities

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coli communis from it. He regarded the hydrocephalus as due

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matter. Sometimes it was in excess, sometimes in moderate quantity or

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Description. — A larynx showing a cyst on the lingual aspect of the

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chanical movement into psychological and psychical move-

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therefore be abandoned ? For it is not the utility of flesh-eating and

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Preventive Psychiatry. — Diet, environment, education,

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The curriculum Is designed to benefit experienced and newly

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ments, and volar plate) transfers were placed in 42 chil-

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hazard guess at number forty-eight dioptric type. Action of irides as at

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thirty hours' instruction each week. The primary object of the course will be

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3'ears. In but a very small number of the cases reported, the disease

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of Aconite are : dark redness of the face, bluish redness of the lips, glist-

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lating liniment containing iodine, with attention to her general health.

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I)ecomi)osition of the material, or the bactericidal property of the

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Richmond ; Abdominal Pregnancy, by Dr. Cornelius Kol-