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they are derived from certain anatomical dispositions of the organ, and from

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generation of the protoplasm of the cell-elements :

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matic fever. Of tlie four cases just detailed, three were fatal;

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Prof. Chiene's cases, in which there was simple abduction, begged

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which disease produces is still more essential, adding certainty

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acidity of +0.4 or less when this corresponds to a pH value greater

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"8 p.m.: I enveloped the limb in a layer of jeweler's cotton

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either in separate rooms or in a general ward, recently

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influences are so overwhelming as to destroy life at

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laxative, such as castor-oil, acts with singular efficacy. In aid of this

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Week, in order that it might operate on Parliament ;

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Emulsions made with acacia and with sodium hydroxid were unsatis-

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and umbilical vesicle are blended completely with the chorion.

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tinued for several intervals after conception, and thu3 a corresponding change

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showed no definite variation, but the conduction time gradually

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the liver to illustrate the action of ' auto-intoxicants.

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H&tory and vibratory journey upwards. If there are no sperm-

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ing for operation. The mortality of the high and the low

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suffer from flatulent dyspepsia, headache, and other neurasthenic

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than in those of the latter. Lastly, the putrid decomposition of the

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acid has a two-fold origin in man, one portion, coming from

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time, and, clinically, the very slow progress of the disease, added

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M. Douglas, Mrs Owen, S. Henderson, Stair Kerr, Dr Bruce Bremner, A.

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tion of V factor, or vitamine-like principle, in the various fractions of

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The prognosis of the infra-nuclear paralyses varies very much according

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I remember the case of a man shot in an election fight where

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middle turbinate in the narrow apex of the narcs, hemmed

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ment. Of these, 25 were congenital, a few arose from mercurial

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than .when artificial cultivation had been carried on for some time. hi'Leod*

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of morphine, went to sleep, and suffered no further in-

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,„,.,ii„ni uithin thiv,' ur f-nv .U}^- An nrfvn-lxc

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there is further spread to the muscles of the face the spasms are severe,

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cording to a daily paper, one of the professors recently felt


our protest against sending out each year from the five normal

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May 7-10— Idaho Academy of Family Physicians— Annual Meeting.

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At the post-mortem examination there is often nothing

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To each series of three tubes, then, one-half, one and two c.c.

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doctrine held the field for a very considerable time, as

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the patient may aid them, usually it is so, by an upward push, as he takes

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practicable, because now there are enough middle schools and

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straight lines drawn by fanaticism from the present to the future are

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males, enjoy almost a complete immunity from it; indeed, I consider