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radiocolloid lymphoscintigraphy in detection of a post-surgical lymphatic
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N. Y., 1897, xi, 508-511,— Temashevski (B. V.) & Si-
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{Mitientfl, who are just as insensitive to the external worlJ, who denude
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relaxation of sphincters, and involuntary discharge of feces and urine;
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grow so luxuriantly that they threaten to smother our thinking
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>-f-'M.illyn-durni>,;l.ur,. Jw,, >nn~t.-it.,i:drr^,;l.r.un-l\ , ,1 .,ni iT]-, i, .
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tion of such a result in any individual case. A fatal termination is merely a
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conceived that the ^eatest part of diseases that trouble
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856; it is now one to 371. Of course, there is a great
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particularly when large, may prevent the head from entering the pelvic
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few years live only in pleasant memories and furnish much for the
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doing muscular work during thirty voluntary contractions from 26 to 33 per
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outward wortli, Pythagoras, tlie noblest of the Greeks,
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Bischoff, and other gynaecologists, Ijut they all aim at the same
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his friends. The stage of stupor is of very variable duration and may end
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into the conjunctival sac. He considered eserine the main factor
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morbid condition. Tetany is frequently associated with infectious diseases;
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extracted, unless adhesions exist between the placenta and
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portance of cleanliness and cheerful surroundings, coupled
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j follow excision of these organs. At a recent meet-
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ing tissue. Whichever caustic is selected, it should al-
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ulcerated mucous membrane of the intestines, it caused pain and griping, and I
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in our series for we do not consider them as such. To do so makes
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wine, bark, and iron, are indicated. The utmost cleanliness is to be