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forms of cholera infantum, characterized by foetid dis-

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the pain in most instances and the accompanying dis-

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paroxysms ,of extreme dyspnoea during life or for her sudden death.

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and soft, compressible pulse, which must not be confounded

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occurring in a young female, and which was attributed to rupture of

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erage hydrants are quite harmless, still every practical

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scalded mint to garnish them, and stir a piece of butter in with

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points in the treatment which were common to all or a greater or less number.

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Chopart's amputation for necrosis resulting from an injury to the foot.

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stood that heat affects coagulation chiefly by means of the in-

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proach each other very closely ; so much so that doubt exists, in

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smaller, and in the mouse often absent altogether. If the

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The term paraphasia is employed to signify the condition

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tration in the child ! But once inflame this cellular

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entrance of air into the venous system. Three other

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pr his sons. He then passes in review before us, like the

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its merits to induce them to try it in the serious class of large acute liver abscesses

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Taking all these things into consideration, it is clear

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from the limb of a tree, so as to be just above the reach of the

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produce slight fissures in every part of the capillary wall

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any hepatic or gastric trouble since the operation.

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really feeble-minded or imbecile persons? Wayward, neglected in their early

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duced. In these we read, "II a este escript Millcccc cinquante et huit."

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Pathology. — It consists of a transudation of serum into the alveolar

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r, phenol red, and placing in the comparator. Any deviation may DC

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larger field ofpi-actice, with superior advantages, and, as he pro-

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A slipshod, half-hearted method in the one case is as detri-

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extremities ; while in the former they were found in the upper parts of