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Before the experiments on the animals could be begun, it was necessary to

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These prevented undue dryness of the canal, and the use

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found in the two upper dorsal segments, and that these

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are liable. To throw some light upon this point, we have checked off,

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patchy distribution, its seat, its transitory nature, the absence of all dis-

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posterior, an<I in an onward direction as regards the unt(

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shown in a recent paper hy Cassells.* Tiie only point

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both lungs. Respiration was oppressed — 16 per minute. The

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The bandage was kept so tight as constantly to compress the uterus, as it

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which Unzer accomplished in this matter, consisted of the following : he defined the two

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renders such a division purely hypothetic and superfluous for the explanation of

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thigh, were so severe as to require the administration of an opiate every night.

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copper which is inert, although the remedy is mainly given to

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from an acute episode or slowly deteriorating from a chronic

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* " Cases and observations illustrative of diagnosis when tumours are situated

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of the ear, sometimes those which ascend over the occiput

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cellular infiltration which often tends to clear away after surgical removal or

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advance, $3,50 after three month8,and $4,00 if not paid wiinin the year.-^Bvery Mtmh eepy yg t f is

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past, books were scarce and dear and lectures were the most

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a stoppage of the fresh formation of quinine from albumen ; a temporary

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can be suspended in some manner. This makes it very much easier

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tumor, but they are so arranged that each type is collected into definite areas with transi-

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or to one side of the middle line, dulness is present in the middle line

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lation is diminishing year by year, and the increase is altogether foreign.

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A careful watch must be kept on the condition of the patient's skin.

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all along — we must suppose conscientiously — engaged

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and only on slicing the cord through do you discover that its sub-

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confidence, agree with me in this. The simple exploration ought not to

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the "Transactions," and in reply I have to say that

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Without entering upon a discussion of this (juestion, it

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advancing time, be sure that he is one of those who never lost

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not venture upon them. The circimistances of half a man's life

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