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operations for ovarian tumors, and we find German surgeons

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turbances have appeared, and the various casional shooting pains in the arm. Three

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the process involves the shaft more than the distal extremity. In a later


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The talus is situated in the angle formed by the bones

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character. With observation of demeanour, of expres-

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tion ; it has also been recommended in phosphatic dia-

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salts in solubility. The former being freely soluble in chloroform,

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accept my invitation, when passing through Philadelphia, to

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experimentum cruets in determining the degree of accuracy

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though not proven, that in the abortive forms the intestinal changes may

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the patient will and must be the subject of vai-ious

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the temperature in the shade being Ta*^. One of the

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the development of the symptoms pertaining to the period of uncon-

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filters were used to ensure an active filtrate, since the tumor-producing agent is

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bicarbonate an<l borax, 2<) grains each of sodium benzoate and sodium

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heavy horses were criticised because they were too heavy and did not

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of the members, with want of prominence in the muscles, and a development

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cranium project greatly ; the forehead bulges out enormously over the

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although constant chemical changes have been observed in the blood

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No. 84, in open bottle. See sternum 84. Obtained and presenied

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IS relieved from Watervliet Arsenal, N. Y., and assigned

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Dr. J. HiGEi.ow tluni-^iit that a recominciKlatioii of the use of ergot,

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moaning, grinding teeth, arching back, protruding muz-

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locally, nearly always overcomes these distressing-

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onetcy are more commonly reserved for some personal service

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tell us what territory to take in. I want him to tell me where we are

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such examinations under contract with the proprietors

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boratories. In those cases in which fragments of the

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Kocher states, to the complicated nature of such cases and the frequent

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Medicine in 1900, in which Dr. Gaylord stated that the most

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tlie horse is subject to attacks of colic, arising from

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comes highly important. Although not often consulted, physicians

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which disease, by the way, appears to be far more constant as

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which has been bestowed upon many other objects of medical inquiry.

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clinic of Freiburg were due to a lady lately arrived

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This other factor is the actual consumption of energy-yielding