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fatal dose. The dosage varies widely in different persons, and


EDWARD C. REGISTER, M. D., Editor. last few years, to the writer's knowledge,

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week, 3 were discharged, and 5 cases remained under treatment

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triamterene hctz medscape

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length, with much more of argument and illustration ; but

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•McLester, J. S.: Protein Comes Into Its Own, J.A.M.A. 739:897 (April 2) 1949.

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identified as belonging to one or the other of these two tj^pes. By the

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magnetically. Although the foundation of "animal mag-

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of 1910, of several attacks of dizziness and faintness, during which his

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and appears to be a model of conciseness and clearness. Its main

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had seen only one case ; in this the eruption was confluent,

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gical Journal" upon the same epidemic, states that in nine in-

triamterene side effects hair loss

Paragraph 4 includes instructions regarding materiel, trans-

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never of bullpox, and the vesicles appear always on the udder,

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pelvis, in which case he would aspirate as the temporary

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Dr. Paekes said, if that were not so, he would withdraw the

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In '28, a resolution deploring the evils suffered by the country

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free inquiry, or moderate doubt, is the distmctive feature

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when profuse perspiration occurs ; but this eruption is incidental to

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offending lesion or lesions have been located they can be destroyed.

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mental condition ; the memory foils, the conceptions are slow, and the

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salivary glands of the mosquito. If this mosquito now bites a person,

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which the values of the coefficients are in accordance with this par-