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witnesses were to be called was with me. I controlled the case, and it was upon my own

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Whereas, power has been granted to the Medical Council of the College of Physicians

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manly fellow ; and I am sure that he regrets what he has done more deeply than any man

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(c) N. C. Lyster, Cobourg, asks for refund of registration fee. Recommended that his

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semblage of some eight or nine hundred people in the spacious

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Dr. Britton — No ; he understood he might put in a defence here.

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The stock of stories of the stork, the doctor's bag, and "God

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iron. Out of the six tinctures examined only four gave a test for iron.

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perfectly clear upon ; I am not sure whether I understand this motion right. Is it the

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Dr. Hanly — It would be impossible for me to obtain the names of those in my divisioii,

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To the President and Members of the Medical Council of the College of Phifsicians and Snrgeoyis

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subordinated to one or more psychic, motor or sensory sub-

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ninety per cent, of the first stage cases and sixty per cent, of the second stage

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And whereas by By-law No. 69 of the Council of the said College it was enacted that

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sion. If the dyspnoea and cough can be relieved by the vaso-

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bers would have a better menbd training at the outset, then they would be able to grasp

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ruling I have given before by saying that I rule this out of order.

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of a long series of digestive, pelvic and nervous symptoms which

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until five years ago when she met with an accident — she fell striking the

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resj)onsibility of anything wrong connected with the company falls ui)on the shouldei's of

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seal of the College and signed by the President. Carried.

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of the intimate relation between tonsil and capsule. It is much

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confined, non-pervious dressings, retaining pus, etc., with its chem-

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much benefit has followed its use. Peritonitis due to colon in-

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impulses, only because their appeal is pleasurable.

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after time. The first one was what was recognized as the intermediate examination, and

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the mind, but certain incidents in each of our lives stand out with

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to say that it was absolutely impossible for me in the short time that was given for con-

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spicule of bone be found between the fragments, its removal is

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these patients, while they were not very ill, were the slowest to

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ago, owing to deaths and resignations. Two vacancies occurred because of the retiring from

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Sex. If the organs peculiar to man and to woman be ex-

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these lines to be held worthy of much consideration.

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The following indications have to be met in fractures of the