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of syphilis, suspicion may by converted into certainty.
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by passing into a pouch at one side of the oesophagus,
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mittent fever of a typhoid type. North Car. M. J., Wil-
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and there exercise the desired curative influence. These
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disease reappeared in the scar, and a second operation was
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ear. Schubert has written a most instructive article on this
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duces in some instances either superficial or deep inflam-
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incisions about the orbit, we should avoid, as far as possible, injury of the
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Gun Igaku Kwai Zasshi. [Magazine of the Society of Military
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them. And thus it became usual to speak of " physical signs " as opposed
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I cannot follow him through the long argument which
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yet it must be acknowledged that, up to this present, the argument is wholly inferen-
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much, therefore, as the evidence in question supplied
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The Esophagus. — Situated in the upper part of the
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medies is advised, combined with the wet strapping and bandaging.
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chorea, are often spoken of as varieties, adult or senile chorea. The move-
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on the trip, but I had to sit out in the car. I later asked him what they
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actness. It is evident that a microscopical examination, if not carefully
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found to lie in stimulating the blood-forming organs in cases of profound
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lions of Epidemiological Society, 1901-02. Moirard. arti • .
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Symptomatic Polyuria. — The history and a careful physical
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enlarged, while the forearm was rather thinner, and the hands
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of age. Two hours previous to entering the University
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when in reality the cause of the symptoms was depressed frac-
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its direction, that it had entered the abdominal cav-
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unknown drugs, such as antifebrin, antipyrin, antikamnia and
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her, but she was unable to swallow it. Her \ dead bone remained, and was the cause of
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at 5 P.M. same day administered 5 c.c. of Behring's an-
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rises, unconsciousness is profound, the pupils do not react to light and may
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amount acts as a vital secretion, but in excess has a toxic effect exerted
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a moderate febrile movement, ranging from 100® to 102® or 103®,
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fractures generally as being adequate in this particular in-