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tric lavage was at once added to the remedies for ileus.
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vascular nerves by warm and cold baths. It had already been estab-
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shelled eggs. The fresher the egg, the more digestible and
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the temperature became normal. No therapeutic difference whatever
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tionalities. The increased consumption of beer and wines
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difference of refreshing effect arising from adding friction is made evi-
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There are many other investigations reported on the influence of
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experience to do general surgery and eye work, and soon
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with extreme caution. In addition to the symptoms, we should have the
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declared themselves opposed to such warming, and especially to the
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contracted (more frequently the former) or remain normal ; and in the
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appearances be chai-acteristic or unless the attacks yield promptly to
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Diseases of the Lungs, but its importance as a diagnostic feature of this
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centres in the medulla spinalis which regulate the disposition of bodily
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involving the prostate, and by the able work of White and
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catarrh of the gastro-intestinal tract, to be followed promptly by the
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dent to these baths and the subsequent sweating procedures are useful,
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A little story of A. Conan Doyle's holds up to nature most
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more frequent. The discovery of the bacillus of influenza is of course
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greater the number of parasites present. It must not be forgotten,
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may be restored by removing a few bucketsful and replacing them with
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other instances, however, a few scattered sibilant and sonorous rales,
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tract. He has as yet drawn no conclusions from these cases
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At fifteen cents per dozen, hens' eggs are cheap food. At
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on the same spot. I am uncertain about this, but it may let
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coarse fluctuations of N excretion ; hence the absolute quantity of urea
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to be a boon to many sufferers from nervous exhaustion, and would
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When the writer made the first plea for this method before the
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perature prescribed. I am not aware of the existence of a similar
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a pseudo-crisis, (a) The Temperature-range. — A continued high tem-
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Case V. — Case of Typhoid Demonstrating Diagnostic Significance, of Bath, and
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degree of iLD. assigned by our state or other well-established.
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middle age get well. One was a colored preacher, of good
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supply came from a retail druggist in Philadelphia.
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threatened with consumption — weak-lunged — even in incipient