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ment for us to endeavour to discover some means m.^re efficacious

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tion, but around it or adjacent to it — in short, in an independent

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E. Jones, Tyn TwU ; Mr. T. Watkin Williams, Birmingham ; Mr. A. Fleischmann,

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low and at the inner side of the posterior pole of the eyeball ;

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send the French to the exclusively military hospitals, where they might

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the unwearied exertions of the President of the Association, the Presi-

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thanks to the kindness of Staff-Surgeon Dr. D. E. Midler, I saw a good

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for extra copies of the Journal, be accompanied with stamps for the amount.

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at length, by sheer force of experience, to found a knowledge of the

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our professional training enables us to lavish on the unfortunate victims

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that most patients, whether men or women, who are subjected for the

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months, ;^3 3s.; 6 months, £i> 6s.; 12 months, £10 103. — Vaccination,

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visit to the scene of war, I am convinced that before niceties of con-

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himself; but, on coming out before the cure was effected, he had fallen

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ents, inasmuch as it is alleged that there was an understanding on the

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in an old convent, as wholesome and commendable as any hospital in

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In a case favourable for observation, a little examination will show

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many years .ago. This was considered a remarkably satisfactory case.

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Drcadnauglit, had fulfilled the duties of his mission in such a manner as

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taken up with the consideration of recent legislation in connexion with

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into her, and so tormented her. This for the most part took place in the

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long eschewed by British practitioners. We are indebted to Sir James

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to see assembled in that hall so many of his friends who had favoured

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Senate. No discussion took place. The report was adopted.

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were absent ; and we understand the feeling was nearly unanimous

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I'all Mall, of which the proceeds will be devoted to the National Cot-

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judgment as to whether they exercised a good judgment or not in the

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tion approved ; and a promise was given on behalf of the Government

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the second winter of the Crimean war the three armies of the English,

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the members of the Association in their respective Branches. There

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was given by Mr. BoWLV, the President of the National Temperance

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petition, and whose seat has remained vacant for eighteen months, is a

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known as chylous urine for about a month, together with pain in the