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to be produced, and with much less uneasiness to the patient, by having
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Victims of “depression shock” and “depression
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upon beasts !hroughout the land of Egypt (B. C. 1492.") —
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darkest hour, stood unmoved; resisting with their every ener-
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and especially was stressed the prevention of blindness
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her family was known to have an}’’ trouble with
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abortion at 2 months. The second ended with a spon-
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der fluent so large a portion of the tartar. In this manner I proceeded, though
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there are places but you have to go way up into mining
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as long as the patient lived — a year — he needed
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ing etiologic agents. Diphtheria bacilli, the pneu-
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ings contin9ed to increase I was sent for. From certain external signs —
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Dr. Gunu, of Detroit, from Committee on Credentials, reported the
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per C. C. The factor that makes the farmers go along
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That when employed in the right manner, it has no toxic
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diaphragmatic breathing in the supine, sitting, and
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are slight compared with those of the remedies already mentioned. It
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9. Finland, M., Purcell, E. M., Wright, S. S., Love, B.
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ary 9 at United Hospital at the age of fifty-six. A
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tribution ; at least, by the publication of a large edition of the Code, to
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peutic action of N-phenyl-glycineamide-p arsonic acid on experi-
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ful life and died at the age of ninety-seven years.
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17. Ayres, R. W., Beeson, C. R., and Scruggs, J. B.:
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specialists. Ophthalmologist on premises. One block from
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break&st, and what for dinner, and what for supper?' The
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I do not deny that Leprosy and Elephantiasis may be kindred
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Robert A. Ferguson, Bellair, 111. ; Indiana Medical