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a woman four months pregnant. This was just before Brax-
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phoresis, and repeats it daily till the disease is removed.
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of strength. In the great majority of cases acute encephalitis
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The quantity expelled at each act, or in the aggregate, is very variable. A
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patient stands up, while even at the base they are of considerably
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almost always secondary to a process elsewhere; the joint condition is not
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mere trophic disturbance, e.g., in paresis. It is commonly as-
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doubted whether it occur often enough to establish any pathological con-
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found by us in this particular flea as exceptional and abnormal, in rela-
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the very modest way in which he presented the results obtained
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of the nipple 4| inches. Heart sounds are exceedingly indistinct, and muffled at
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the neighborhood of a neuroglia cell, he regards as composed of two processes
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be deposited in the cellular tissues. The fatty de-
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Variants. — Dubreuilh describes cases typical in every respect as
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the perpetuation of the fittest. It has been argued, with much apparent
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Sussex Artillery Volunteers, assisted by Dr. Paul, Surgeon 8th
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toms accompanying invagination, internal hernia, and twisting of the
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gelatin which will not congeal at 18-28" will do so in the ice-chest, and -|-1
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this should be dashed in, so as to spread out and evaporate readily. Xo
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But the sailor, to whom no close apartments, or artificial heat,
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lirium, general weakness, and depression, followed in the third stage
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Wisconsin Physicians Service — Dorothy Esser, Loren Clark, Orin Kaupanger
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The probabilities are that this is by no means the entire
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birth, and that the danger of the complication was in proportion to
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it can scarci'ly l>e <alled such, and tliat is hemorrhage
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Shortly after the injection she had an eclamptic seiz-
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viz., to protect or save his individual charge, and 10
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scopic examination was impracticable, as the patient was weak,
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m, and at the end stopped in the same manner. After the time has been read off,
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result of seven years' experience in this method the
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above, the frontal bone being driven into the maxillae ; more often a blow
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Scotland respectively powers with respect to health and loctil
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Transient shooting pains in Tarions parts of the chest.
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B, longitudinal sinus ; C, left frontal sinus. (From the Museum of University
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After many months cicatrization took place, and left the child worse than
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erally first noted, and then the relative percentage
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With regard to H.,0.2, which is recommended by Robert, they found
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must also be anointed gently with liquid cerate, and the surface of the skin to be
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habits. In Mexico, the same immunity occurred with those incarcerated during the
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quality of care, professional liability, shortage of nurses,
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and more common in women. Chlorosis and hysteria are the most common
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elbow to the knuckle. Lay the forearm and the hand on the lower
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Suppuration in the heart is very rare. With such mischief in
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logic scale, the more sensitive it is to any variation in the exter-