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Family Practice Review, Ctr for Cont Educ, UNMC, Omaha, NE. Fee: $1150/2 weeks, $800/1 week. Contact: Ctr for Cont

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in point of degree and duration, it is often impossible to say,

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went with his future wife to New York and lived there

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grave prognostic, things would seem to be going on extremely

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Tumor Conference, Dakota Midwest Cancer Institute - 12:00 noon McKennan Campus, Info: Norma Wise, 339-8568.

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mammalia or birds ; but this may be occasionally accom-

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name of Chamberlain, who might have been ranked amongst

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very certain remedy. When used to arrest bleeding it should

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corroborate this observation. In the generality of patients

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actual neuralgia have never affected the third, or inferior maxil-

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of the last meeting of the Corporate Body, being the 1994

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ence, he sliould entertain a due resjject for his seniors,

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In the early follicular phase of the menstrual cycle, FSH stimulates growth and induces

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decompositions, and all the other effects or galvanism, may

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of a patient suffering from acute disease must be regulated by

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morphia was used for many weeks, and its effect in relieving