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Difficult to separate from some of its varieties. Wheatland, July
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The formula of bromide of calcium is Br. Ca., and its combining
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epidemics, and depends no doubt on the nature of the micro-organism,
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Nerve Suture and Neurolysis — A. Wolfler (Prag. med. Woch., 1895,
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Abscess. A case of peri-nephritic abscess, following typhoid fever:
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whole was partial to the Bassini operation. The opera-
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IV.^ NiTRO- AND Amino- Derivatives of the Dihydro Alkaloids.
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which have not been freely opened and which contain masses
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necessity for performing oiiphorectomy in inflammatory conditions is
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part of the abdominal tumor. No fetal parts could be
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self in the person of the carpenter of the ship, who in America had
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county censors, a few by the state censors, thus obtaining a license to
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of one year of treatment, however, one was able to satisfy one's self
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tion to all this " specialty " traffic in the hopes of putting a
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tearing of the mucous membrane to which it has adhered. Dr.
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and tenderness may extend along the lymphatics to the neighbouring
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use of arsenic in the coloring of wall-papers, so that
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Peter David Handyside (1808-1881) was one of the surgeons to the Royal
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Robert Lundie was a man of strong and unselfish character, who
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water. All towels used during the operation are subjected to steam
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him a cordial welcome as a visitor to " the land of the pilgrims," yet, in