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Dr. Laborde, in a paper recently read by him before the Academy of
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.St. Thomas's, 9.30 a.m. — St. Bartholomew's, 1.30 p.m. — King's
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mixed with particles of organic matter. Parrots inoculated by
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therefore been destroyed, or changed by their sojourn of two and a
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of swimming, which they are admiring as an exercise of energy and
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hair and disinfecting the skin, I introduce the special "sage-leaf"
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hard, and contracts, gradually drawing the skin over the stump until
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the site of her martyrdom. Later, the legend of her
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venous inoculation producing death in twenty-four days. On post-
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into the blood, and we may say that until now this method of
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House Committee, ;f 15 prizes, to Alfred Kebbell, C. J. Stocker, Alfred
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was held, and the verdict returned was to the effect that death had re-
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administration by a rise of two tenths of a degree ; three hours later
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"We applied the Compass in one of his most violent convulsions, and it soon passed
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the Prussians will or will not be peimitted to advance on Paris. The
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rendering the heart equal to its increased task. DigitaUs is of service,
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different causes. Very frequent in young animals, it appears usually
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ruary the disease made rapid progress. The swelling extended to the
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from Dr. Murchison, as quoted in Mr. James Lewis's very suggestive
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The external lesions may, by their size and position, cause varying
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humane vocation in greater safety, free from other peril than disease
voltaren 50 mg indications
On the 7th the patient refused part of its corn. Temperature 40"3°
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minations carried out principally on the liver, an organ which readily
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June 1st. — The patient became comatose, and died on the 3rd.
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ing for relief. It would be extremely satisfactory to know whether,
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good condition. The lingual cicatrix was flexible and
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Had been ill for ten months. At first the passage of air through
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benzine began to loosen their hold. An hour later the majority were
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of haemoglobinuria. We likewise found that blood-serum from horses
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but little beyond the sides of the spinal column. Doubtless, the ante-
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E. J. Tilt, M.D. On Uterine Pathology at the Change of Life and
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a bunch of small grapes. The nodules were clearly defined, moved
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But is it quite fair to say, as a measure of this danger, that — "In the
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of meat and of sleep and of exercise is one of the best
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and is everywhere followed by so many patients. His system of doctoring is the