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titioner ; and I hope that when we meet after the Christmas

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hot mint tea, or high-seasoned solid food. A child had got

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The fifth case of this number came under my notice in

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the various problems of anaphylaxis, our knowledge with regard

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small doses of calomel and salts are indicated. Seven cases are

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remarked to me many years since : " Antidote for in-

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Ein eiueuthiiralicber Fall von ilethamoiilobiuurie liei In-

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done purposely or else by the greatest negligence. A

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Prof. Peter, in continuation of his investigations on morbid local temperatures

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that have formed in the region of the gall bladder, and

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two weeks later a tumor was found in the left hypochondriac region and

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eral burner is that, owing to the platinum arising from

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dence, not only because I have given strength to Dr. Roe's

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*< Of these eleven cases, nine were cured, and two left the hospital relieved. In none did

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nurse she got well; but lesions returned after a month at home.

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sary, and it proved effective. No untoward effects from

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the House of Commons on the 17th of August, signed by a committee

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nervous derangement were never present and the patient lived, in spite

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acid gas is not capable of long sustaining life. Ten per cent, may

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Gandor reports this case in the litvue de Mldennc, No. 9,

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at«'Iy opened, so as again to expose its whole surface. If the bleeding

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suffering, will constitute a theme of anxious inquiry.

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position higher than normal there will be a marked excursion of

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edition, and full-page engraved plates have been used when

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age the test is desirable, but it is often omitted. Thus, in practical

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is much reddish infiltrated liver tissue in the vicinity.

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obstruction in the vena cava, and in the other case (Fig. 21) to obstruc-

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Symptoms. — The period of incubation may be short or long in duration,

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Council by the House of Delegates for further smdy. The

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Among the advantages which Mr. Key enumerates as ari-

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perseverance, the less the tendency to give up the task the greater will

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to give support to the prostrated vital nerves to enable them to

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■dry, smooth and shiny. A liberal diet made little or no difference to

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day and the other $61 per day for each day they care for

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It is proper to remark, that frictions increase the value of

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lightning. There is nothing revealed by post-mortem, except that

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locality in which the disease is seated, and benefits

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before the unfortunate discovery was made that it could

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of the admission that these diseases were unknown, it was

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Medical Miscellany. — Gases of smallpox have appeared at Chicago, and