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fracture, could not slip to either side, and must have been pressed
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submucosa and partly in the mucosa. The pyloric sphincter and 1 J4 c^.
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made by his friend Erasmus, the famous Dutch scholar
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of pneumococcic origin. In women a herpetic stomatitis sometimes
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The attacks appear to be directly due to some change in
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of intermittent fever. Boston M. & S. J., 1894, cxxx, 353-
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^* We must therefore admit, that in coDsequence of the change in the nature of the inflo-
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ences, and one small clot might destroy the patient's
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structive character. Some few have evinced a pseudo-inter-
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gently to draw down the folded member, avoiding all traction, so
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In the northern part of this island, and on the western shores, a
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early in the present year, under a teacher trained in this
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mother the necessary warning to call in the doctor to her ailing
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Dr. William W. Jackson, for the past ten years phy-
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in twenty-four hours. Small opaque, white, raised, glistening
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noipeneti ate to this depth. Hence the impossibility of curing ordinary
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on February 25, emphasized the importance of recreation
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the reasonable and free use of some stimulants, and discourage
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corrections are brought about, and which it is not necessary to discuss
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unaided by a physician, and in some of them the delay had
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well as from diarrhoea, more so than in the winter. He had already observed
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Port-wine Marks Cured in Two Sittings. — When Dr. Bal-
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Dr. G. B. FowLEK said he was surprised to learn that the
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placenta by the shortest route but sometimes make a wide sweep over
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Frodroma. — In some cases the earliest indication of- the onset of hydro-
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very exceptional cases in which an intestinal worm gains access
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the avowed specialist. We do not want to see the courses in pharmacy so
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ing the last six months, but this we consider the best of the lot.