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In 1816 he married a wife. He was then thirty-tvv^o
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sleep. On the third day the same dose was repeated, with the result that
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made, not as a guide, but only as the result of some
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varied strength of application. There is, however, still another obscure
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drink anything afterwards till dinner. This usually
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be tested to find out whether the current modifies the sound. If diminution
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Results in 6 1 7 Patients . Presented at the 27th Annual Meeting of the American Society
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is nearly full. When the gelatine has solidified, a thin board is placed
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Not only in cases of the second variety, the atheromatous,
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though the right one was said to have been extensor at the clearing
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abdomen until May 12, when these symptoms abated to an appre-
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A report on rabies in Washington, D. C. By Veranus A. Moore and Pierre
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with anodynes and expectorants, recovery following. He quotes Litten to
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slowly, distinctly and intelligibly. With such it is a
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In Cases where innervating constitutional treatment is applied,
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1 quart of molasses, and give the horse the whole amount,
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as a stone ; no heat of vagina ; can move the uterus without
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this technique, may allow quantitation of infarct size in the
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examinations and continued observation should soon give the diagnosis.
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Lesquerella ( Vesicarid) alpina, Nutt. Green River, June.
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Vin. Lose of the Teetiele eoneequent upon Scarifying the Scrotum, By M. Dbmabquat.
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treatment of 100 patients with intramuscular injections of 5 c.c. of
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employ, and pay liberally enough for those I am compelled to pur-
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cut off, as the onl^ means of saving my life, and all those
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sequence of which the continued administration of the
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outline with projecting shreds of tissue and are usually near the surface of
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attachments, and this would be an additional expense. As a par-
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use of small doses of spirits of turpentine internally,
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but these very successes should make us pause and reflect ere
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iritis; inflammation of the iris, called serous or paren-
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The next business in order was announced to be the report of Dr.
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I do not remember any disease in which I have noticed
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causes during the past six years has been 10.66. The
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before noon and evening meals and at bedtime for three
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and small hemorrhages may be present in all these organs. True hemor-
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Dr. McKea remarks: ''The sui)erticial vessels and arterioles had contracted ;
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As these cheap and inefficient substitutes are frequently dispensed instead of the
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this is from being the case in paramyoclonus I have already shown. Then,
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Long Island in some forms of surgical diseases ; that
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occasionally observe nasal discharges of a purulent character. In
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without coming in contact with the edges of the molar
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precision, as if the animal itself had practiced them thous-
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nodules are chiefly on the surface of the lung, and are to be felt in all