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This prevented the development of further abscesses

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advanced cases the glomeruli are quite small and may be con

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over the entire body. One attack rapidly follows another or the

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How confusing these conditions may be is well illustrated by the case

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in relation to peripheral palsies except those of the face

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The bone infections generally take place during convalescence or some

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towards the left side of the pelvis. In front of it and extending

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Mosquito Transmission. It is now definitely known that in nature

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Gushing has very kindly brought to my notice the results at the Johns

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very different onset. There is then observed very often

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eral lime to oxalic acid albumin to corrosive sublimate.

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of possible transmission existed. He was healthy until

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I should occupy your time to no further good purpose. The affection

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at all but the great ditt erences which Gratiolet has enabled

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present in the gall bladder and the cystic duct is patent inflammatory

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conclusion depends not only upon inoculation and feeding experi

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Among the earliest recorded cases are those of Ser

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bladder. A considerable quantity of urine was withdrawn

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been. It has often surprised me with what comfort the

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tube it is met by this lining which seems to prevent its entrance

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A and myself the two smaller herds B and C. I immediately

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Tillaux in his Treatise upon Clinical Surgery issued from the

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An officer aged resident nine years in India subject to malarial fever

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well known clinical fact that ringworm of the scalp

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in a direction parallel to its fibres every bleeding

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