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about the inner surface of the nuclear membrane and
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Wm. Herbert Lowe, Paterson, N. J. ; R. R. Bell, New York City ;
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resulted. Anesthetic ^^I'^f^i'i'^cl is ether, drop method.
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to its distribution ; by the fact that it is the most important article
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dent, Dr. Gibbs, occupied the chair and called the meeting to order. Min-
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centrated, conveniently administered, and thoroughly practical.
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very little consistence. It appeared to be covered by the perito-
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the amount of flesh consumed. In 1890 the British Government
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The author has, however, obtained the best results from two new
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are often taxed one hundred or more dollars per year, the veterinarians are
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ment is necessary such as applications to the throat. If the membrane
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after his arrival, while at his work, became suddenly dizzy, fell upon
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vSouTH^* AXD AVest'"' Africa. — General resistance of na-
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dermically or internally, but combined with stimulants {e.g., ethereal
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wet. This apparatus may be used in hot weather to cool the room by
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quote the following remarks, as connected with the question, whether
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McClure, as his powers as a debater and orator are surpassed by few.
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low a proportion of protein is because their researches showed that about
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given the same kind of food. They all remained well. This
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tional circumstances, and then should comply with every require-
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health officer shall report the same to the State Board of Health
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Case. IV. Ununited Fracture of the bones of the Leg^ removed of
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The Grand Rapids Veterinary College is associated with the
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perhaps, no subject affords so wide a variance of opinion, and
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account of the meeting above arranged for. The board averred that it had
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On the third day of January there were shod after the above
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In regard to the economic importance of this mite, we believe
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these institutions is the good work done by the board of our own State, of
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So much is certain : That the result of Gmelin's investigation
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these were hot baths. The victim would be placed in a hot bath
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hours a day in harness, and are therefore out in the open air.
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improved, provided constipation still exists, a change is made towards
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From the tuberculous lung of a cow Garino carefully removed
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the next week the sugar is increased, and six-tenths of 1 per cent
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at a lower temperature for as much as twenty minutes.
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secure the proper incorporation of the society. The President delivered
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that this is the dhobie itch of tropical authors, or Tinea
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take a half more than females ; very old animals more thau me-