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antidote. Death often occurs, while if the patient sur-
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of convulsions, and have almost uniformly seen the con-
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For the explanation of anarthria as a result of incomplete aphasia, i. e., of
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of the Royal Society of Medicine), Emeritus Professor Francis
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of the nose was due in part to fibrous tissue and in part to thickening of the bone.
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causing a cloudiness of the cornea. The swelling on front part
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operation in showing and discussing cases of interest so much depended
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wasted, the countenance was haggard, and the skin shrivelled. On the 25th
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aspects, while I am inclined to be conservative, and my experience
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men and women have the same fixed rations the sexes are equally
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Art. XI On Cases of Stricture of the Urethra, in which the use
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interesting papers aljove referred to are — (1) That if the patient
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act, whether cases might not arise in which students could
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nature and degree of the effects of this definite substance
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the bite of the fly for a longer period than two days after feeding. This
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tics on anv reasonable :,"dication,and do, in fact, employ
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the eighteenth century, and Beaumont, in America, at
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epithelial membrane desquamate, and even entire casts of the uterus or
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castration is not the serious operation it has been represented,
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throat and back of the neck, and also in the teeth. The head
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the development of the hypothesis, it was impossible
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ance of the cancer, this author agrees witli others in
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Although medical men have been incited to search for
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logical changes in the liver. We expect to publish in the near future
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loss of feeling, and impairment of several senses, Sec. The
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M.D., Alexander E. Mack.ay, M.D., TV. T. Domville, M.D.,
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salts of diacetic and /?-oxybutyric acid have some toxicity, which is prob-
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easily removed. The broad ligament was considerably
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rial fever are, in their ultimate results and products,
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lesion." After denying any necessary connection between the three charac-
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in a small displacement apparatus, returning the fluid that pass-
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Teachers' Institutes in Connecticut, was the first president of the Fair-
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activities, becomes involved in all sorts and lines of work until
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matism, no abnormality of the pulse or of the circulation, no abnor-
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forms of chronic Bright's disease. In different cases of this disease, the kid-
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ejEfdanation of the improved condition. The attack of gout places the
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acute catarrhal inflammation was easily induced by the administration
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bourne of the Ohio Hospital for Epileptics presented a paper on
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are responsible for relapses or more rapid progress of the disease.
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Dr« WILLIAM B« TOWLES, Professor of Anatomy and Materia Medica in the Medical De^partment
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homogeneous substance, which, by its chemical reaction, is allied to the