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Dr. Elias also read a letter from the Office of the
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This source of danger should be carefully guarded against.
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teristic of each may be mingled in various degrees, but
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cility, idiocy, cretinism, the result of deficient brain develop-
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Dr. Gaakell (Cambridge), Prof. Gotch (Oxford), Prof. Sherrington (Liverpool), Prof. U'Kendrick
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The dextro-quinine was now combined with Squibb's tincture
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are largely in the form of amylaceous articles which are
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the axis of the crystalline ; one of the anterior is
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fro sound has come and gone unnoticed unlistened to.
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While sodium estrone sulfate is the principal estrogen
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sarcoma of the thigh of this type he disarticulated at the hip.
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albuminuria, peptonuria, glycosuria ; and to these may be added enlarge-
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rated from the main portion of the building, for winch
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already been described in Chapter XI. Musgrave's researches in
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qualities of the inhaled dust. Cough and gradual loss of
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occurs in from two to three per cent. In private practice it is the second
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land, whose elegant essays forcibly recall to us Dr.
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to the bedside at this juncture, with the announcement
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cell, and upon the inner surface of the membrane of Schwann,
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ment of disease, however, that the Hippocratic writers have
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"afforded almost the best opportunity seen in this generation
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performed, in only 5 cases was operative intervention instituted after
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This white substance is a soft tumor mass which is adherent to the walls
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Depot, New York, N. Y., and report to Surgeon G. W. Stoner for
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15th. — To have a draught containing tAvelve minims of Battley at
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To such brain bulgings the term hernial protrusion is best
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and consequently have an entirely different influence
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the conservative position taken relative to treatment of placenta.
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on one foot and dislocation of two fingers, he received a
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centralis) and its lower limit falls short of the Sylvian fissure.
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plied that these germs pre-existed, dormant, in the organic material,
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I have been unable to decide whether the miscarriage was
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one-half his cases suffered from severe stomach dis-
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currents. It is clearly ^\Titten, and explains in a simple
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clandestinely. While to some of my audience the present-day
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day. It seems to act with none of the disadvantages of the two
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been able to determine any satisfactory reasons for its
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were closed during sleep. He was unable to protrude his tongue or swallow
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In addition to the dry diet, as suggested by Matthew Hay, active
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great stimulation of professional sentiment throughout the entire coun-
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however, as a direct and specific cause in the production of disease, is not
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By far the best method now in use is that of retain-
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ease is mnch less grave after childhood and during middle age. In cases
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another writer, in which there was a difference of opinion